About me
I commenced my L&D career in 1987 by establishing a small setup named Pioneer Computer Institute in Mansehra, Pakistan. The institute was equipped with my pocket-money funded single XT computer, couple of chairs and a table. I was on top of the world when I enrolled my first student in April 1987. I remember charging my students less than 75cents a month, just to cover the premises rental and utility bills. In few years time, I was able to expand the setup to a bit larger level and can recall the times when I used to have multiple campuses with hundreds of students at any given time.

I worked as Director for Computer Guidance Centre, Co-Director for Peshawar College of Computer Sciences and Principal for COMSATS Computer Institute and HiTech Degree College for several years. I am honored to serve University of Engineering & Technology, Peshawar and Preston University, Peshawar as visiting faculty member.

I am privileged to work for Planning & Development Department, Strengthening P&D Project, High Court and United Nations Development Program (UNDP) at NRB to maintain my industry currency.

In Melbourne, I am thankful to Victorian Institute of Technology, MIS Global, ATMC, RGIT, Coupar Angus and Greenwich Management College for providing me opportunity to learn from their students and share my knowledge and skills with them. Many thanks to their CEOs and RTO/ Academic Managers.

I am obliged to CSL Limited, SMI Security, Linfox Armaguard, TNT, Primus Telecom, IBM, Planning & Development Department, Peshawar High Court, UNDP's Think Tank for National Rehabilitation Bureau for allowing me to obtain industry experiences and maintain my currency. Many thanks to their management and specially my very respectable reporting managers.

Academic Profile
- Masters in Business Administration, Preston University, PK
- Masters in Computer Sciences, Preston University, PK
- Masters in Economics, University of Peshawar, PK
- Bachelors in Sciences, University of Peshawar, PK
- Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, USA
- Microsoft Certified Database Administrator, USA
- CompTIA's A+ Certified Professional, USA
- HDA's Certified Help Desk Analyst, USA
- Advanced Diploma of Leadership and Management, AU
- Diploma of Human Resources Management
  Australian Skills Management Institute, AU
- Diploma of Project Management, Australian Skills Management Institute, AU
- Diploma of Financial Services, Institute of Strategic Management, AU
- Diploma of Leadership & Management
  International Institute of Business & Management, AU
- Diploma of Accounting, Metro College of Technology, AU
- Diploma of Early Childhood Education & Care, Metro College of Technology, AU
- Diploma of Business, Metro College of Technology, AU
- Diploma of Management, Open Colleges, AU
- Diploma of Work Health & Safety, Plenty Training, AU
- Diploma of Information Technology, AU
- Diploma of Security and Risk Management, AU
- Diploma of Competitive Manufacturing, AU
- Diploma of Enterprise Resource Planning, AU
- Diploma of Diploma of Business (Entrepreneurship, AU)
- Certificate IV in Training & Assessment, Plenty Training, AU
- Certificate III in Security Operations, Complex Training, AU
- Certificate III in Security, Victoria University, AU

- Modern Computer Sciences, 2000
- Office Management Packages, 1999
- Reference to Applied Packages (7 editions), 2000
- Introduction to Computers (3 editions), 1997